It’s 2015, and as I sit in my home studio surrounded by piles of incredible textiles collected over the years, the best sewing technology that exists, and a much larger than I would like ‘Suzie girl’ mannequin, I wonder what I have been waiting for. My life may be half over and if I don’t start creating with these textiles soon, they’ll be destined to dusty life on a shelf and a future cardboard box labelled ‘GoodWill’ in Sharpie pen by those I leave behind.

With the fuel of the first episodes of the rich and intriguing Netflix series Marco Polo, and a fresh viewing of Baz Luhrmann’s  The Great Gatsby, I’m in an amazingly creative flow.  It’s time to put pen to paper, scissors to fabric, and apply needle and thread. I love and enjoy the process that transforms the 2 dimensional to wearable 3-D works of art.  In the end, I hope to pay homage to the rich history and the many talented hands who cultivate the animals and plants, spin and weave, or dye, print, and finish the fabrics that almost always serve as first inspiration for my designs.

I’m declaring 2015 to be my year of taking action to transform these textiles I love into beautiful pieces I will love to wear. No more waiting to be thinner, to have more free time on the calendar or to come up with a more poignant design concept.

Won’t you join me as I chronicle the creation of my 2015 wardrobe?  It’s sure to include the joy of design, and the technical challenges inherent in the production of beautiful clothes.  And,  if you feel inspired to cut into your own stash – let me know and we can share and comment on the journey together.

Stay tuned for a fulfilling and creative 2015.